Monday, April 24, 2017

Mission Ups and Downs

Got 1,000 things to say and 10 minutes to say them so here we go.

In Hawaii news we did set an 11 year old boy with a baptism date this week. His name is Makama Alcon and he is the son of a recently returning member. Sadly he spends a lot of time on Molokai for now but will be here permanently in the summer, thus the reason why the baptism is so far away. Odds are I will stay here one more transfer which means I will be here to see it but if not I know that me being there isn't the important part.

There's another man we have been working with named Sanfour and he is awesome. Such a humble dude and really likes missionaries the only holdup is he doesn't speak great English and so when we stat talking gospel he gets lost. Odds are we will turn him over to the Sisters that cover the Micronesian branch eventually, but for now he is comfortable with us so we are keeping him. Plus those sisters don't speak Chuukese either they would just have access to members that do.

I also got the sad news that one of the older members in the Kaneohe 3rd ward passed away this past week. Sister Kaneaiakala fed us every month and always had funny things to say. She was full of energy to the end. Some prayers for her husband Wayne would be appreciated, it was a relatively unexpected passing. She was the first person I gave a blessing to on the mission.

This week has been full of ups and downs. There have been some great things and some not so great things and I have been very frustrated this week by the agency of other people. I know that sounds funny but I feel like this week I was able to see more people than ever before in this area but they just aren't doing anything. There are people that need our message so bad but they just aren't returning our texts, people that served full time missions but somehow still strayed off the path and just choose not to come back, people who are active but married to non members and just aren't pushing their spouse to meet with us. Honestly this has been a great week but I find myself getting frustrated with some of these people, I kept getting down on myself because I thought it was something that I was doing wrong but then I remembered something it says in preach my gospel. Even when we are doing all we can, we will still face disappointments, though we should not be disappointed in ourselves. I know this can be hard to do, but in the end we just need to look at our efforts and if we can honestly say that we did all we needed to do then we have no need to blame ourselves on the outcome.

Anyway I'm glad that everyone is doing great and that I'm not the only on getting hit by allergies (though it isn't that bad here).

Love you all and miss you.

Ofa atu
Elder Smith

Movie attached for your amusement.

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