Monday, April 3, 2017

Conference and Hon-West News


Over on this side of the ocean things have been going pretty well. Not a lot of chance to meet with our investigators this week but we did find a couple new people that show some promise. I'll keep you posted on them. There's this guy our age who is prepping to go on a mission right now so he has been going out with us every week or so, so that has been pretty cool. His name is Levi and his last name I believe is Fu'uaga but off hand I'm blanking on it. Anyway its crazy to be on the other end of the "prepping for a mission" routine that all the 18 and 19 year olds do. Makes me realize that the missionaries I went out with probably had no clue what they were doing because half the time I'm just smiling and pretending I have any clue what I'm suppose to be doing. Granted I'm pretty sure that's 80% of missionaries and basically how people get through life in general so it's good practice :P.

So I'm honestly trying to remember what happened this week and its all kinda a blur. I think all my memory was taken up by conference so I'll mostly talk about that. But first off this was the first week of a new transfer, not a lot of change here in the Hon-west zone aside from the fact that Elder Boyd is now in the zone. It was pretty funny the first day he got here our two companionships went to lunch together and we were all talking about the Kaneohe 3rd ward (his comp Elder Kirkham also served there) and while we were doing this we saw a member from that ward walk by. He saw us all together and just laughed. I miss the people in that ward.

But in conference news it was a real struggle getting up once again because conference starts at 6 in the morning but Elder Campbell and I pushed through and made it. I don't have my notes on me but there were a lot of talks that were just fantastic. One of the things that really stuck out to me was the talk (can't remember who it was by) that said that Jesus loved the rich young ruler. I had just read that story in the Book of Mathew where it doesn't specifically say loved and I'm not gonna lie it really worried me a bit. I know that I'm out here on a mission and that the Lord is merciful, but sometimes being held to such a high standard makes you feel inadequate when you aren't exactly perfect. But when that story was shared it reminded me of something that President Bekker said (I think he might have been quoting someone else but I don't know). "We don't need to be perfect, we just need to be good at getting better." I know that I just need to give Him what I have and have faith that the rest will be taken care of. Man I just love this gospel, it really is for everyone. We aren't perfect, what we do and say isn't perfect, but what we teach is. The gospel is the only perfect thing on this earth.

Glad to hear that the next group of Seniors are all starting to get their calls, waiting to hear who's going to get sent to the Aloha mission!

Hope life is great, don't have much time so I gotta go.
Love you all!
Elder Smith

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