Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Temple Blessings


So its been another 8 days, as I'm sure you've come to expect every once in awhile my p-day got pushed back to Tuesday because we had the awesome chance to go to the Laie Temple today, as always it was a wonderful spiritual experience and I think I got the answer to some questions that have been on my mind as of late. I don't think I realized until recently how lucky we are to have a temple so available to us. Like reading the Bible in the Old Testament there was only ever one temple on the continent for the people to worship in. I'm pretty sure there was only one on the American Continent as well. There would be no hope for people living on an isolated island like this to have access to a temple, but here we are with two. Guess that just testifies to me even further that the lord is hastening the work. So just a quick reminder to not take for granted how easy it is to get to the temple :P

On the mission work side of things it has been a slower week, but we have faith that things are going to pick up here in a bit. I had the chance to go on an exchange this week with Elder Boyd so it was just like old times seeing him again. We also found out that someone we were seeing back in Kaneohe got baptized this week (Brother Naipo, not sure if I ever mentioned him) so that was great to hear. Sad I couldn't be there to see it but it isn't about me, it's about the work. It also made me realize that a mission honestly is really short and that I need to make sure I'm not wasting my time out here. As of yesterday I'm officially 1/3 of the way done! I have no idea how that happened because it really feels like I just got here.

Well I got to hurry this along, just know that I'm good, I got your package, and my shoes are still holding together.

Love you guys!
Elder Smith

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