Monday, May 29, 2017

Aloha from the Islands


This has been an interesting week. Yesterday me and Elder Lewis were talking about it and we feel like on paper not a lot happened but in actuality a lot happened. Probably the highlight was another lesson with Daniel. We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he enjoyed it and participated quite a bit in the lesson. In the end he whipped out his guitar and started playing, and when he found out that Elder Lewis could play too he got out a broken guitar and gave it to him to repair so they could jam. Elder Lewis was able to fix it within 10 minutes and we now plan on rocking with Daniel at our next meeting. After teaching him of course :P. He was busy this Sunday but he has expressed interest in coming to sacrament meeting so fingers crossed and arms folded for that.

Another family is Leslie and her children Arynn and John. Arynn is a member baptized by missionaries some years ago but he went less active due to being the only member in the family and the ward not doing the best at the follow up for one reason or another. Arynn's mother Leslie has expressed interest in going to the church and has told us that she wants John (her 10 year old son) to be baptized. I think they are golden but they fit into the very large category of people who are unable to meet with us because they work a dozen jobs and all the kids do sports. That's Honolulu for ya.

On the cool side I just found out that a YSA in the ward named Tafe just put in his mission papers. He's on the older side and made a handful of mistakes but he really turned his life around and is one of my favorite people in the ward. Just boosts my testimony that the Atonement of Christ is more powerful and far reaching than anything the world may have to offer and that nobody is too far gone. Along the same line I thought about the last couple months and how much I've changed. I mean I'm still me but it hit me a couple days ago after I walked up to a mostly homeless man on the street tattooed from head to toe, asked him about his day, talked about his family, and offered to say a prayer with him. We went our separate ways and I realized that 9 months ago I never would have done something like that. This mission really is a blessing in every way, its great for the people you meet but it is giving me a better understanding of life. I love serving and I love the people of these islands, even the ones that look like they want to stab us.

Quick reminder to read the BofM everyday and to never stop praying.

Love you all, keep the faith.

Elder Smith

PS - That's crazy that Carson is going to the Marshalls, there's tons of Micronesian immigrants in Honolulu so I've met a handful of people from the Marshall Islands. He's gonna love serving Jisus Kraist out there. Probably will never use the language again but hey it'll be a good skill to have, right?

Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Week!


So sorry that this is late, it has been a crazy p-day. For one reason or another everything went long. I need to be quick about this because we have a dinner in a bit.

Basically this week has been really good. Elder Lewis is an awesome companion. It's really nice having a companion that has a positive attitude about this place, even when things don't go our way it still feels like we have accomplished what is needed. Our theme lately seems to be that nothing good that we plan for ever works out, but good things happen nonetheless. Just this week Elder Lewis and I were walking and knocking on some doors of members (less actives mostly) and nobody was home so it was a bit discouraging but we kept on going. We ended up meeting a guy named Daniel who asked us a bit about ourselves and what we believed in. We ended up teaching him the whole restoration and gave him a copy of the book of Mormon, at the end he started talking about Christ's role in his life and he started crying and thanking us so much for coming by. He invited us back and Elder Lewis and I have a very good feeling about him. So yeah that's been the standout moment of the week, just remember that good things will happen even if they aren't apparent at the moment. Keep on keeping the faith and introducing your friends to the missionaries.

Love you all!
Elder Smith

Zone pics from Pearl Harbor today

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sunrise Hike


So great to talk to the ohana yesterday! I already hit on most of what happened this week in my call home but just as a recap I got my new companion this week. His name is Elder Lewis and he is from Rexburg, Idaho. He has been out for 5 months and so far has spent all his time on the Big Island. Its been a bit of a shock for him adjusting to everything being so close and working in a city. Where he came from everything is all ranches and so he's been getting pretty sore and sunburned here but he has a good attitude about it so I can't complain. So far so good with him.

This week we also got up early to help Bishop teach the young men about the priesthood after a sunrise hike. So getting up at 4:30 am to be ready for that was not the best feeling but overall it was a great experience. Bishop Saula is just such a great and caring guy and I'm glad that these youth have him to look up to. All in all not a lot has changed but I am really looking forward to another 6 weeks in this ward and I can tell that Elder Lewis and I have a lot of work to do here. The church is true and we all need to spread the word.

Love you guys and thanks for all that you do.

Elder Smith

Pic of some of my MTC district at transfers. Sister Wilson, Elders Campbell and Johnson

Monday, May 8, 2017

Staying in Lanakila!


Aight, so right down to business. So as expected I am not being transferred. Elder Campbell is shipping out to Mililani tomorrow to be companions with Elder Johnson and my new companion will be someone named Elder Lewis coming from the Big Island. He hasn't been out very long (4 months) so basically no one here knows him, should be a fun time.

This week we had Pearl Harbor which is always fun and we had Zone Conference which means I got to see some of my old buddies that are serving in Waipahu, Honolulu, and Makakilo. Also I just found out that Elder Klaasen (Mom, I believe you are FB friends with his mom) is coming here to Hon-West to be our new Zone Leader so that will be fun serving around him.

Anyway sorry for the short email and lack of info but it's been a good week and on the bright side I finally got the zone to set up a group drive so I actually have pics now. Enjoy!

Love you all and can't wait to see you in a week.

Elder Smith

Monday, May 1, 2017

News from Honolulu

Howzit family!

Things have been pretty good here on my side of the ocean. Weather has been a bit rainier the last couple of months but temp wise is doesn't change a whole lot. But as the summer months are coming I've heard it gets miserably hot serving in town. Fingers crossed I'm out of here before July. :P As for my taste buds, I have started to like pineapple more. I don't know if it's just a matter of me changing or the fact that pineapple is just better here. I'm leaning towards the latter.

This week has been a very enjoyable one. Early in the week I went on an exchange with Elder Kirkham and while we were out and about we ran into this guy who lives in the Lanakila housing and he turned out to be a Catholic who is the brother of a member from my last ward in Kaneohe. He agreed to see us again and hopefully we will see him more in the future. We also finally started teaching Ken, the radio DJ, this week as well. It can be hard to catch him because he lives outside of our ward boundaries but he spends a lot of time at Skyson USA which is in our area so we teach him there. If things start to progress we will probably have to pass him to the Makiki elders so they can get him to their church.

A family in the ward (the Crowells) spoke in sacrament this week and invited their non-member friend named Jessica to hear them then talk to us after. We talked to her about the plan of salvation and she liked it but is still relatively committed to the Catholic church. She has a boyfriend that is a member and he said he will read the Book of Mormon with her so hopefully that will push her in the right direction. Fingers and arms crossed. We also found out that there are more part member families in this ward than we knew so we are trying to hit them harder. There's a bit of a feeling of complacency with those families though (from both the member and non member halves) so we're trying to find the most loving way of lighting a fire under them.

We also spent a whole day working with Levi Fuaga in the ward. He is just about ready to get his mission call so he is pretty pumped to be going out with us once a week or so. In hindsight I wish I had been as gung-ho when I was still prepping for the mission.

Well with that this is the last week of transfers so we will be finding out news this Saturday. Odds are I will be staying in Hon-west and Elder Campbell will be moving on to smaller and simpler things. Love you all and hope your week is great.

Love ya!

Elder Smith