Monday, March 6, 2017

Attack of the Children


Alright so I'm back in the library and since I got cut short last week we're going to get right to the point...

Things are still great here in the Lanakila ward. Funny experience of the week was that while Elder Campbell and I were in Mayor Wright's (the low income housing) we suddenly got attacked by a herd of children that wanted to have pictures of Jesus. I handed them all out but as soon as I was out another kid came and I had nothing to give him. I asked Elder Campbell if he had anything and he pulled out a card with the Laie Temple on it and suddenly all of the kids moved from me and rushed him so that they could all get some of those cards as well. Honestly that is my favorite thing about this area, there may be a bunch of people that are facing hard times but the kids still always find a way to have fun. I just love the kids that live and play here and sometimes they love me a little too much (since we aren't suppose to hug/touch kids it can be a little awkward when then all attack us), but ultimately I love it. Campbell is also glad that I like kids because it is kinda obvious that he didn't have any little siblings growing up. It's all good though, he's learning.

I'm trying to take a new approach with the ward, many ward members have expressed to us that the ward has been stagnant for awhile, they don't blame us but they say that there just isn't anyone doing any missionary work in the ward. So I've been trying to meet all the auxiliary leaders in a situation outside of ward council and try to volunteer to help in their calling like teach Elders Quorum or help the youth will Mission Prep or volunteering for seminary security. I'm hoping that if we get more exposure in the ward it will help to keep everyone more missionary minded. Guess we'll see if it pans out.

Just finished my first read through of the Book of Mormon on mission (probably should have finished that sooner but I get distracted by other [approved] books). Anyway I can't explain how much I love the book of Moroni, it is definitely my favorite part of the BoM because I just think of the crazy circumstance it was written in. Like every other prophet had someone to back him up but Moroni was literally the last righteous dude in the land. Every day he thought he was going to die, he even says several times that he did not expect to still be alive so he knows god has more for him to say. There isn't much of a nartitive but he outlines so many basic key doctrines of the church, baptism, sacrament prayers, priesthood ordination, and the importance of charity and prayer. I just have huge respect for the guy.

All in all things are good, went on a crazy hike today and I almost fell down the mountain 3 or 4 times but I made it. Definitely going to be feeling it tomorrow though.

Love you guys and hope that life is great.

Elder Smith

Picture time:
1. Me saying goodbye to the Prescott family in Kaneohe. They were my favorite family in the ward and I believe she talked my mom on fb once
2. Saying goodbye to the Cupchoy Family, my investigators in Kaneohe
3. Last pic of me and the mountains of Kaneohe (I miss those)
4. Me saying goodbye to Elder Boyd
5 and 6. Various hiking pics

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