Monday, March 13, 2017

News from Honolulu


So this week has been a pretty normal week. Probably the most notable thing is that I went on two different exchanges this week. Early in the week I spent a day in Nu'uanu ward with Elder Kirkham and that was pretty cool. He previously served in the Kaneohe 3rd ward so we had a lot to talk about. He wanted to hear all about it, it was one of his first areas and he really misses the people there. Later in the week I spent a day in the Moanalua ward with Elder Willden. He has been companions with both Elder Johnson and Elder Boyd so we also a lot to talk about. All in all I had a good time with both of them and definitely learned something from each.

In my ward news we were able to teach here and there this week. Pretty cool moment was when an investigator asked us a question they had about something Christ said in the bible. It also kinda confused me so I said I'd look into it and get back to her. I couldn't find anything in the scriptures concerning it so I decided to crack open Jesus the Christ by James E. Talmadge. It's quite the read and I feel like a good companion book for it is the Websters dictionary, but once you get past the vocabulary it really does clear up any and all things that come up during Christ's ministry. Truman G Madsen said that the book should be considered the 5th standard work and I don't think he is too far off. But anyway I found the scriptural passage addressed in the book (Mark 12:27 if I remember correctly) and it really cleared it up for me. Hopefully next time I see Yoellah (the investigator) I will be able to use that to clear up her concerns.

Elder Campbell and I also had the chance to go on a hike in the middle of the week with some of the scouts. It also worked for us because the scoutmaster is actually not a member (which is a genius way of getting the nonmember of a part member family to church). So we were able to get to know him better and he seems really comfortable around us now, fingers crossed this becomes something. We also just found out that the cub scout master is also not a member so we might be going for something similar. I don't think Bishop Saula put them there for nothing, but we'll pray about it and see what is best. Just want to help bring these families together.

I'm really starting to gain an appreciation for Preach My Gospel. It can sometimes be a bit of a chore reading it every day but I know that there are great things in there. I recommend checking it out before anyone goes on their mission. And I definitely wish I could have gone to some institute before my mission, everyone makes it sound like the best thing ever. Can't wait to start doing that post mission, gotta keep myself going the right way somehow haha. But honestly I've been learning a lot about the atonement myself and I don't think I ever really appreciated it, I still don't think I fully do but I'm trying to live worthy of that sacrifice. It really just blows my mind that Jesus loves us so much that he willingly did that for us despite the way he had been treated. Then as soon as he's done the very people he suffered for betray and kill him. That kind of character is just unreal, but that's what we need to focus ourselves on.

In mission news this next week should be fun, I've got interviews with president and zone conference this week. I'm particularly looking forward to zone conference because I'll get to see some of my friends in the mission that I haven't seen in awhile.

All in all its been a solid week. Crazy how fast the time is flying, the transfer is already at the back half. Hope that Campbell and I stay together (mostly because I know I'll get lost daily without him, but also because he's a pretty neat guy) but whatever happens is for the best.

Love you guys and hope your week is great. Bye!!!

Elder Smith

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