Monday, February 27, 2017

Week 2 in Lanakila


Well its been a pretty good week here in the Lanakila ward. There was some good, bad, and funny as usual. I'm starting to get used to this environment more because serving in a city setting is really different than what I'm used to (before and after the mission). So Elder Campbell and I were under the impression that we would just be getting our car back soon since the problem didn't seem to major (just needed the coolant hose patched up) but I guess the mission just decided to fix and sell the car and so the replacement they gave us was a NEW 2017 Corolla. It was literally bought by the mission 4 hours before they gave it to us. So now I am driving that around town and being veeeery careful to not get into accidents because there is significantly less aloha driving here in the city than there was in Kaneohe. On top of that I have to drive since my companion can't and I don't know about half the area still so it's been an experience. Buuuut on the positive side getting lost is the best way to figure a place out, hopefully that will start happening soon.

As far as lessons go, we were able to see a few less actives and set up some appointments with potential and former investigators. This will hopefully be a solid week but we'll see. The ward here is great and for the most part has been very welcoming, not as many people sign up to feed the missionaries so we don't get to meet as many people but we are hoping to turn that around here pretty soon.

P-day today has been solid. Another solid hike up to a waterfall and up at the top we met a family of vacationing Mormons so we talked story with them a bit. One of them served in the Fresno Mission once upon a time so he was talking a bit about his time there. Also while I'm thinking about it, my comps cousin is serving in the Fresno Mission so if you get an Elder Anderson (serving in Madera at the moment I believe) in your ward in the next 18 months tell him hi from Elder Campbell. The Missionary web is always a fun thing.

Anywho I need to get going because I need to email from a library here so I'm a little more crunched for time.

Love you guys!
Elder Smith

Afterthoughts: I left my USB for my camera in Kaneohe. Elder Boyd is sending it to me via zone leaders this next week so for now I can't send you pics from my camera. If I get any from others in the zone I'll shoot them your way.

Pics from Elder Campbell:

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