Monday, May 22, 2017

Great Week!


So sorry that this is late, it has been a crazy p-day. For one reason or another everything went long. I need to be quick about this because we have a dinner in a bit.

Basically this week has been really good. Elder Lewis is an awesome companion. It's really nice having a companion that has a positive attitude about this place, even when things don't go our way it still feels like we have accomplished what is needed. Our theme lately seems to be that nothing good that we plan for ever works out, but good things happen nonetheless. Just this week Elder Lewis and I were walking and knocking on some doors of members (less actives mostly) and nobody was home so it was a bit discouraging but we kept on going. We ended up meeting a guy named Daniel who asked us a bit about ourselves and what we believed in. We ended up teaching him the whole restoration and gave him a copy of the book of Mormon, at the end he started talking about Christ's role in his life and he started crying and thanking us so much for coming by. He invited us back and Elder Lewis and I have a very good feeling about him. So yeah that's been the standout moment of the week, just remember that good things will happen even if they aren't apparent at the moment. Keep on keeping the faith and introducing your friends to the missionaries.

Love you all!
Elder Smith

Zone pics from Pearl Harbor today

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