Monday, January 2, 2017

Hauʻoli makahiki hou!

Dear Family,

This has been a pretty crazy week but transfer weeks always seem to be like that. So the big thing right off is that I have not been transferred, so I will be spending at least another 6 weeks here in Kaneohe (which will put me here for a total of 6 months). I will be staying with Elder Boyd so not a lot of change on our side. There are a good amount of Elders and Sisters in our zone being transferred so there will be new people to meet this next transfer. The one that might affect me the most is Elder Henderson being transferred to Kauai. First off he's become a good friend so it will be sad to see him go, but on top of that the new elder taking his place tomorrow will most likely have a drivers license which means that the Kahalu'u elders will probably be getting our car so I might be back to a walking area. We'll see. And yes in case you're wondering I am very happy to be staying in Kaneohe! As fun as I'm sure change will be I'm also excited to see this ward change. The work is still slow and there still aren't that many people to teach but I can see improvement, I don't know if me being here another 6 will yield any direct results but I think this ward needs some consistent missionaries to get the ball rolling, I'm just hoping I can play a part in that. I guess we'll see.

I got a pretty wicked cold but I keep on keeping on so hopefully it'll get better by tomorrow when I actually need to do work again.

So fun fact about Hawaii...New Years is insane. Literally there were fire works going as soon as the sun went down, then when midnight hit there were aerial fire works coming from every directions. These aren't stadiums or anything, this was just people in their front yards. And no this wasn't legal at all but literally everyone just does it, it's kinda hilarious. So yeah fireworks were going consistently for about an hour but I think they were still going for awhile after that just more sporadically. All in all a crazy experience. a little scary but mostly hilarious and cool to see so many fireworks and family gatherings. That's another thing I love about this place is how families always gather from near and far during these holidays, it's so cool to see so many members with all of their extended family in church and everything. Plus it gave me the chance to try way more local food at the family parties.

I think my new favorite Hawaiian dish is Lau lau. Basically it's pork cooked wrapped up in taro leaves then again in tea leaves. You take off the tea leaves but you eat the taro leaves and the pork. It looks gross but it tastes amazing. If by some weird chance you can try it I highly recommend.

This morning we went on a cool hike called Lanikai that took us to an abandoned military outpost so that was pretty cool. It's the last P-day with some of these guys so it's bittersweet but it was good to go on one last hike with them. Hope that your new years was awesome and that you are all still doing well. Love you guys!

Elder Smith

Pics are of me, Elder Boyd and 10 year old Saidee from her baptism last week. Such an amazing experience!

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