Monday, January 9, 2017


Well this has been the first week of the new transfer and it has been a strange one. I still have the same comp but a lot of the missionaries I serve around have changed. I really like my new zone leader Elder Harmon and the new Kahalu'u elder seems pretty nice (Elder Anderl is his name). The big change this week was that we lost our car so it was back to hitting the streets and blistering my feet (ok just one blister). It was pretty hard the first few days but it's getting easier. It makes it hard to plan because we can only see so many people in a day now so sometimes we walk 30 minutes to someones house then they aren't home or don't want to see us. On the bright side I don't think I'll be gaining weight this transfer so yaaay. Walking makes it easier to talk to people on the streets and members see us out so we get a lot of honks and shakas. It makes me feel good if I'm ever down so it's a plus.

We had a really good lesson with the Cupchoy's this week. I can't remember if I've talked about them before but they are the next door neighbors of the Katsuno family in the ward and they agreed to taking the lessons awhile back, they are super busy and he asks a ton of questions but I love teaching them. Definitely the highlight of my week. Plus he's a movies junkie and is trying to get more into Star Wars so obviously he and I have a pretty close bond. Not to mention their son is adorable and he looooves me and Elder Boyd. I don't know if it will be me and Boyd that baptizes them, but it's going to happen eventually. I can feel it.

So I hope that everything is going well back home. Sorry to hear about Mace being in the hospital, she is always in my prayers. The same goes for the Scanlan's. I love you all so much and hope that the new year is going well for you all.

Ofa atu,
Elder Smith

* Sent a video to my mom that she will post on her Facebook page - check it out.

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