Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Transfers are Coming...

Hey fam,

So yeah there was a temple trip this week and so my P-day got moved to today. Sorry I forgot about that until after I emailed this week. Buuut yeah I had an awesome time at the Laie temple, it's such a beautiful place and just has a really cool vintage feel to it. It was one of the first temples (5th I believe) and you can just feel the spirit there so strong.

So just a quick reminder that in all likelihood this is my last week in Kaneohe, transfer news comes out Saturday and that will put me at 6 months in this zone. Not sure where I'll go next but I know that there was a purpose to me being here and there will be a purpose for wherever they send me next. I honestly love this place, the people are amazing, the views are incredible, and I get to spread the gospel. I'm excited to see where I go next but I'm also sad to leave this place. But anyway my time isn't up yet and there's still work to be done here.

Elder Boyd and I actually had the chance to meet with the Cupchoys twice this week and honestly I just love teaching them so much. I don't know how long it will take and I don't know who will do it but they will be baptized eventually. I love them so much. This week we committed them to attend church with their neighbors the Katsunos. It's slow progress but definitely progress. I'll have to get a pic with them before I go.

Anyway so the weather has been crazier than normal. The winds have really picked up and when you mix that with even more rain than usual you get an uncomfortable time for missionaries without a car. Also the worst day was naturally the one where Elder Boyd and I forgot our umbrellas. What an experience that was! But yeah so apparently Fresno has been flooding pretty bad, what's worse, that or the drought? Hahaha you guys can't catch a break.

Love you guys!

Elder Smith

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