Monday, November 28, 2016

The Baptism

Dear Everyone,

This has been an insanely long week, not a bad one but in hindsight this week feels longer than the whole last transfer. Being the companion that is taking over the area has made me realize that I don't know the layout of my area nearly as well as I thought I did. It also means that I am driving all the time now, weird that I hadn't done that in so long. Anyway so a big part of this transfer was getting a new companion. Tuesday we went up to transfer meeting and I said my goodbyes to Elder Zollinger and sent him off to the big island. Also at transfer meeting I was reunited with my whole MTC dorm so I got to see Mawby, Johnson, and Campbell again. It hasn't even been that long but man it felt like a lifetime since I saw those guys, that was great.

So a cool mini miracle, Elder Boyd and I went from the transfer meeting to our last meeting with Malia before her baptism and during the meeting we were trying to figure out what their new ward would be since they just moved, and after a bit of discussion we discovered that the family now lives in the boundaries of the ward Boyd just came from. So we were able to get the info of the new ward really easily and now the hand off from ward to ward will be smooth, which makes me very happy because I was kinda stressed out about the whole thing.

So Elder Boyd is pretty cool. It's definitely a change from Z to him, mostly because Elder Z was very quiet and Boyd is very loud, not in a bad way at all but it sure is a change. It'll be good though, no worries.

So Thanksgiving was pretty great, we had it at the Aki's home and got to know their family better (Brother Aki is in the bishopric here) and we had large quantities of food. Hawaiian and Chinese. Also there were some cool BYU-H students that were there as well. They were from Hong Kong and my comp was hecka awkward talking to them so that was fun to watch.

Birthday was solid, thanks for the gifts mom and dad, the Uke has been tuned enough to where it sounds good now. I'm learning various hymns and church songs as well as CCR and Metallica. Gotta keep myself well rounded. Also the crackers were very appreciated, it has been many moons since my last Ritz.

So here's the biggie. The Baptism. It was very stressful but once it all started it was smooth and went off without a hitch. I gave a short talk on Baptism and honestly started to choke up as I was saying it. Who knew I actually had feelings right? Right after the baptism we had a car wash and I forgot to bring service shoes so I just did it in p-day clothes and proselyting shoes. I was styling. But the car wash was solid, we gave some chapel tours and just had a grand time. Also at least 6 people came and took tours just because Elder Henderson was sign waving while wearing an opug mask. Another average day in Kaneohe.

To top it all off I had to give a talk in Sacrament about missionary work this past Sunday and literally every time this week that I tried to write it something else came up so in the end I didn't write the talk and just free-styled the whole thing. All things considered it went pretty well so that was a relief.

Those are the contents of my eventful week. Apparently Moana came out? People around here seem to like it so it has the approval of the locals (not that most people would consider Kaneohe local, but it's close enough for me). Go see that if you haven't and give me the haole perspective.

Love you all!
Elder Smith

A couple baptism pics - Elder Boyd and I with Malia and some of her family

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