Monday, November 14, 2016

Missionary Life

So as you can see by the pictures I have sent the dryer is not fixed. Elder Z and I went to Times (local grocery store) and bought some clothes hangers and twine and made a makeshift clothesline that bends and weaves its way through our whole house, then we set up a bunch of rotating fans to dry them off. An Elder makes due. After we washed our clothes, we washed our car with a kitchen sponge. If that doesn't define missionary life I don't know what does. So I'm not sure if I've said this before but in Hawaii almost no one has an air conditioner, just copious amounts of rotating fans, it's cheaper I guess but it sure as heck takes some getting used to. Also not many people around here have dryers or dishwashers, it's seen as a waste of energy so everyone hand washes dishes and air dries their clothes, makes our circumstances a little harder but there are elders in worse spots so we don't complain.

So work wise this was another slow week, the appointments we had set up canceled but on the bright side we have a lot of appointments set up for this next week, it's the last week of the transfers so Elder Z and I are hoping to end on a strong note. Especially since this will probably be our last transfer together.

So there is no for sure system of who gets transferred when but 9/10 times you are trained in one area for 2 transfers then your trainer is moved and you get a new companion who is still experienced but who you have to teach about the area. There are exceptions to this, but that is just what usually happens. President Bekker was at stake conference this Sunday and made a remark to me about leading my area soon so that basically confirmed that Elder Z will be leaving. I'm kinda nervous to be the senior elder already but I know that I'll figure it out with the Lord's help.

I went to a baptism of a child of record this week, got me super excited to see Investigators get baptized. I'm so excited for the end of the month when I can see that happen. Ooooh also we got in contact with a 10 year old cousin of the child that was baptized and I think we are going to start working with her, she's taken the lessons she just needs to be dunked. Also after the baptism we went to a dinner at the grandparents house and we had poke (raw fish) and tako (octopus). Not gonna lie they were both very good, the food here is growing on me. Even the spam believe it or not.

So Trump is President, Not sure if I will ever get used to that. Our political knowledge is pretty limited when there is no exposure to the world so I really didn't expect him to be the winner. Hope the mainland is still there when I get back.

Keep spreading the good word!
Love you all!
Elder Smith

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