Saturday, July 29, 2017

Last Week of the Transfer


So its been a really quick week for me. First off we had interviews with President and Sister Bekker which went really well and helped me know what I need to work on and see how far I have come since my last interview with him. This next transfer I am going to be working on being an example because we can't be out preaching the gospel if we aren't living it.

I went on an exchange this week with Elder Fanene in the Moanalua 2nd Samoan ward. So basically I sat there for 6 hours while he talked to a bunch of people in Samoan. But every once in awhile I would hear the word Pulagi which is what they call a white person so I know I was at least being discussed.

After that we had Zone conference so I was able to catch up with some old and not so old friends. The theme of the conference was the Book of Mormon. Really broad but discussing it in detail has really shown me how much of a miracle the book really is. It is simple enough that an 8 year old can know that it is true, but complicated enough to know that no man short of a genius could have written it on his own, and while I have crazy respect for Joseph Smith he was no genius. The conference made me realize that I don't testify of the book nearly as much as I should. I testify of Christ of course, but most people already have that belief. Testifying of the BoM will help strengthen everyone's faith in Christ, especially mine.

So this Saturday there were 2 separate baptisms in the stake so it was cool to attend those. Also our investigator Tiani is set to be baptized this Saturday which we are super happy about. The only problem is that the boyfriend of her mother does NOT like us at all so it can be a little hard trying to contact the family and set up the baptism. Keep praying for that to work out, this family needs the spirit in their home.

And yes this will be the last week of the transfer which means that I will most likely be assigned to a new area soon. I plan on making this last week count though. Start placing your bets as to where I'm off to next (my guess is the Marshallese branch in Waipahu, because God has a sense of humor).

Thanks for all the support and prayers, I really do love you all!

Mahalo nui loa
Elder Smith

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