Monday, July 31, 2017

Aloha oe Hon West


So this has been an insanely stressful week. Like, really really stressful. But before I get into that here is the Transfer news, after 6 months in the Lanakila ward I will be transferred to the Mililani Zone where I will cover the Waipiolani Ward. I don't know exactly where the ward is but the zone as a whole takes up most of the center of the Oahu and is the only part of the island that doesn't border the ocean. I am really excited to see what working there is like, especially since i believe most of the area is military. My new companion will be Elder Fa'alavaau (Fah-ah-la-vah-ow), I met him briefly before. He is ethnically Samoan but is from Alaska and I believe he only speaks English. He has only been out for 3 months so I will be his "greenie breaker". Also I am still the district leader in my new area.

So the reason for the stress is that on top of me being transferred Elder Lewis is also being transferred out to the Honolulu Zone meaning that two new elders will be picking up where we left off. Normally I would be fine with that but because of scheduling problems Tiani's baptism had to be pushed back a week and now none of us will be here for it. We have been running around like crazy making sure it is being handled by the ward because we don't want there to be any confusion. So prayers for that to go well will be appreciated.

So basically a lot is up in the air right now, but I spent a lot of time praying and even though I am stressed beyond belief to pass this area off to two new elders, I know that it is the Lord's will and that one way or another His work will be done.

So beyond that there isn't much else to say, the church is till true and we are still preaching the word. Can't wait to update you on my new area.

Mahalo Nui and aloha oe Hon West

Love you all,
Elder Smith

Pics of my area

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