Monday, June 5, 2017

All is Well and a Weird Mission Story


So this has been a pretty average week. The spiritual highlight was definitely our interviews with President and Sister Bekker. President Bekker always knows how to answer the questions we don't even know we have, and Sister Bekker always knows how to lovingly correct anything we may be doing wrong. President described his wife as "The most loving steamroller you will ever meet" and I think that just about sums her up. Elder Lewis and I are still out working...we are just trying to find ways to be more spiritually guided as opposed to just doing what we think is right, because often times there is a difference even if what WE think is the right thing 90% of the time. It never hurts to be pushed along by the big man.

One of my good friends in this ward just got his mission call to Korea, Seoul and seeing him so excited and full of the spirit just reminded me how awesome it was to get my call.

The mission is going really well. This is still a fairly tough area but I learn more and more about life every day. Regardless of how much progress I witness I will always be grateful for having been sent here. Sadly the food situation isn't the best, we only have about 2 dinner appointments per week but we have a few ideas on how to make it better. For the moment we kinda have a wrench in everything because our ward mission leader just got released. This could be a good thing because maybe our new one will be more involved in our work, but I just hope it doesn't take forever to get a new one, this ward isn't really known for its quick decision making. Prayers are appreciated.

So on the "weird mission story" side of things we had quite the adventure on last p-day. After emailing, the Kalihi elders needed a ride to Walgreen's so we took them. After doing what needed to be done we were driving out of the parking lot when we heard a loud BOOM and 10 seconds later something impacted our car. I was already pulling out so I couldn't stop to see what hit us but after parking at the Stake Center we saw it left a gnarly dent. So we decided to go back and figure out what hit us. We went and started looking, and E. Lewis found a concrete rock on the ground and when he tried to pick it up it almost burned his hand. A few minutes of detective work later we found out that what had happened was a power surge and gone through a power plant some 50 yards behind us and one of the transformers exploded (the loud boom we heard). This caused one of the concrete insulators on top of the spire to fly into the air at high speed and crash into our car. So after talking to the police on the scene we called Elder Walker and he said that this is definitely a first for him and hopefully a last. So when all is said and done it was a really weird day and we realized that had the insulator had hit us 6 inches in either direction it most likely would have seriously hurt Elder Lock and the shattered glass might have hurt even more of us. So yeah thanks for all the prayers of safety. They work!

Hope everyone is having a great time and that you are always looking for ways to share the gospel. Quick reminder that all missionaries love mail! Love you all.

Mahalo nui and A hui hou
Elder Smith

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