Monday, December 12, 2016

Adventures in Hawaiian Island Driving

Dearest Ohana,

Hey! Glad to hear that things are altogether good on the mainland. Things are continuing to be slower than we would like here in Kaneohe, on the plus side we did get a new ward missionary who is pumped to help us get the ward more focused on missionary work. Basically we have exhausted our options in terms of what we can do on our own so were are pretty dependent on members for finding new people.

We did meet with Sadie this week and it went well, she is solid and I'm looking forward to her baptism on Christmas Eve. We also had a pretty good meeting with the Cupchoy family, he is going to be a tough nut to crack because he asks a lot of existential questions and is a deep thinker (really nice though) so we'll see where things go with him. I think his wife is a lot more open to it though, she said that she felt something good inside last time we were there so we're getting somewhere. Fingers crossed we don't mess this up.

So one night this past week my companion was feeling awful (he has a lot of health issues) and so we decided to call the mission nurse, she set up an appointment for us to see a doctor the next morning. She gave us the address at 8:45 or so and we didn't recognize the street and figured it was in another ward's boundaries so we drove down to the Zone Leaders pad and got their GPS. We entered the address and turns out it was in Honolulu. So at that point the appointment was in 30 minutes and so we raced down the freeway at the whopping speed of 45 mph (the speed limit here on the island) and eventually got lost in the ghetto part of Honolulu. Very sketchy place. But yeah eventually we found this hole in the wall doctors office and everything was taken care of but what a morning. Also later that week I got lost on a marine base and accidentally drove into an airfield. That was fun. Terrifying, but fun.

Anyway I think that that is all I have to update you on. I took some pics but left my camera at home. I'll try to send them later today.

Love you guys!
Mele Kalikimaka!
Elder Smith

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