Monday, September 5, 2016

Aloha from Hawaii!


My first area is the Kaneohe area serving in the Kaneohe 3rd ward. I'm currently in a biking area but there's a lot of hills so we mostly just walk. I'm in the Kaneohe zone and stake. It's in the North Eastern part of Oahu near the big military base. It rains a little every day but not as much as what the Big Island is getting right now. The flight was long and hard because I accidentally packed everything that could pass the time, the other elders were sleeping, and I wasn't. I tried to sleep but that never really works out that well. I got to know some of the elders at the mission home. I really liked Elder Taka. He's from Oregon but grew up in Tonga so he'll be Tongan speaking out here, he was hilarious though. I sat by Elder Roberts I believe. Like I said they were asleep most of the time. President Bekker seems really cool. I got to know him pretty well and I think he's going to be a well organized president. His wife is great, she's one of the most positive people I've ever met, spent a good amount of time getting to know her.

My comp is Elder Zollinger, he's been out 10 months and is from West Virginia. He's fairly soft spoken but he knows what he's doing, I get along really well with him and the other nearby Elders mostly because we all quote Spongebob and Star Wars non-stop. This week I've only had one teaching opportunity and it was ok, I think me and my comp did a good job I just don't think the woman we were meeting is very interested in conversion of any kind, she just likes the company. We're gonna keep working at it though. This week was mostly tracting and service but we have some appointments set up for next week.

Dinner has been good, so far nothing crazy just haole food. My trainer said we've been getting an unusual amount of Haole food and that we normally get way more Hawaiian or other food.

The hurricanes didn't really hit here, there was a good chance of serious impact on Saturday (all of the missionaries are volunteer Red Cross assistants in the case of an emergency so we all had to be trained over the phone) but ultimately Oahu was left untouched aside from some slightly harder rain. Big Island got hit a bit harder from what I've been hearing but I don't know the details.

The spirit is very strong here, the members are great and simple gospel principles like prayer mean so much more to me now than they did before I came here. Also I started reading Our Heritage, highly recommend it, it's basically the early history of the church but written more like a history book.

Church here was really cool, everybody was excited to meet me and everyone's last name is crazy long so it's gonna take some getting used to trying to get everyone down. This is why everyone should wear name tags!

Forgot to bring my camera today. but next week some pics for sure. Got some sweet views here.

Glad to hear about everyone's health and so so sad to hear about Brother Scalan. He will be in my prayers, if you seen him or his family give them a hug from me. Hope things continue to go well.

Love ya,

Elder Smith

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