Monday, September 19, 2016

Aloha Everyone!

Alright so here it goes.

We have a few people that we're teaching regularly, "M" is a 17 year old High School Senior who has less active parents but active grandparents, her grandpa is actually our ward mission leader and he is awesome. Mrs. T is an older Tongan lady that is really hard to teach because she just loves to talk. It's hard for us to get anything in so we teach as much as we can. There's a solid guy investigator named that I've heard about but he's been out of town since I got here. Then there's "N", she is an early 20's woman who seems fairly interested but also has a very interesting life. Not a lot that I can talk about in an email or otherwise but she always has some interesting stories to tell us. Hope to be making more progress with her.

I've met a lot of members but the main ones that I see a lot are the Siligas (he is the ward mission leader), Brother Beatty (young men's president), and Bishop Passicalla. He is an awesome bishop and we live in an add on to his house.

I think I'll be getting a haircut this afternoon from one of the Elders, I saw him give one to Elder Zollinger and it seems solid enough. Can't be too picky out in the mission field.

I have a couple photos but nothing all that great, its just kinda a hassle taking it with me everywhere. I'll try to do better.

We live in a pretty financially well off part of town but at the same time most people work a lot. It leads to this bad combination of "people are never home" and "people are too well off to see the need for religion." Basically it's really hard to get people to listen to us but we're trying our best to keep a positive attitude, everyone once in awhile someone listens so we just need to look out for them.

Mom asked what I ate for breakfast - Usually I just eat cereal for breakfast or just skip it all together, not because we can't afford it, it's just that we usually eat lunch at noon and the morning is pretty busy so sometimes i just skip it. Also we are sometimes still full from dinner the night before!

Good spiritual experience to share this week is to never give up. We'd gone a long way down this road with basically no one giving us the time of day then just as we were about to turn around we realized that we were near a referral that we had been given a few days earlier. We dropped by and met him and he seems awesome. He's really busy so it's hard to catch him but he told us he's very glad we came by and that he wants to start meeting with us next week, we really needed that boost so that was great.

Funny moment of the week: early one morning we got out of bed and Elder Zollinger went to use the bathroom but then told me to take a look. I peeked in the door and saw a toad roughly the size of my open hand just chilling there. We spent the better part of our morning chasing this big guy around our pad until we finally tricked him into hopping into a paper bag then we were able to get him outside. Let me tell you theses things can leap. Well that's about all I can think of to send this week, hope everyone is doing well back home.

Missionaries love mail!

Love you all,
Elder Smith

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