Monday, October 17, 2016

New car, dead rat

Aloha mi Familia,

I got the Halloween package you sent me mom, thanks! The Elders very much enjoyed. You asked about a b-day present, I think that a Uke would probably be a good present. Elder Z and I are getting along really well. I'd say a solid thing about Elder Zollinger is that he basically likes the same form of entertainment that I do. Movies, video games, TV, books, the whole lot.

This week I learned that apparently some Hawaiian people believe that in the 62nd chapter of Alma when a man named Hagoth sails across the sea and is never heard from again that he actually sailed to the Hawaiian islands and founded Polynesia. There is literally no doctrine backing this up but they have to find some way to tie the BoM into Hawaii. It's amazingly weird. Also something cool about this mission is the amount of missionaries serving here from other countries. So far in my zone alone (in 2 transfers) I've met 2 from Japan, 2 from the Philippines, 1 from Korea, 1 from Tonga, 1 from Samoa, 1 from Chile, and one from some random Micronesian island that I'm not even going to try to pronounce. So yeah it's really cool meeting all of these different cultures.

So this week was a fairly slow week, a lot of people canceling appointments and not being home, but hey the good/bad news is that we have a car now. It's good because it's way easier to get around our area now, but it's bad because now we have to taxi around all the elders that don't have cars. So for now I think we're actually getting less work done than before, but it should even out a bit this next week when the Zone Leaders get their car back. Hopefully. Hey want to hear about a sketchy house we went to this week? So Elder Z and I got a new ward list and so we have been going to all the houses of families or people that are on the new list but weren't on the old list because that would mean that they have moved into the ward boundaries within the last 6 months. So we went by this house and let me tell you it looked like year round Halloween. Crazy over grown grass everywhere, cars with no license plates that had plants growing out of them, stuff scattered all over the floor (from what we could see in the window), and to top it all it had one of those spooky door knockers on the front door. Nobody answered (and the family last name was on the front door so we were at the right place) and when we turned around to leave there was a dead rat on the porch. I'm not talking recently deceased or store bought dead rat, I'm talking this thing has been there so long that parts of flesh were rotting away and most of its skull was visible. Hecka sketch.

Today I made brownies with Elder Z for Sister Alldredge whose B-day is today, then we did some shopping and laundry. Quite an exciting day.

I'm going to try to write letters this week to the sibs but it is really really hard to find time to do that. Tell Dylan that I recognize the name of the Speedster he mentioned in his letter, I think he's an enemy of Jay Garrick from the comics called Rival. He was the first evil speedster in the comics. Thanks so much for the pics of Savy's wedding, still pretty sad that I wasn't able to go. Tell everyone I love them!

Love ya,
Elder Smith

Here's a pic of the old district before most everyone got transferred and Elder Kang went home. Love these guys! 

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